The reception at Southland Veterinary Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky

Our Staff


Jennifer has been with Southland since 1997. She loves that she feels right at home here and finds it very rewarding to be a part in providing care for so many patients and getting to know their owners. Jennifer has a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and a minor in Business from Eastern Kentucky University. She is also a licensed veterinary technician. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter and riding horses. At home, Jennifer cares for two dogs, Beauty and Lexi, one cat, Kitty Kat, three horses, Daisy, Cinnamon, and Chunk, Freddy her hermit crab, and a beta fish named Shiney.


Melissa is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science. As a child, Melissa had wanted to be a veterinarian, but she has found she loves her job here most of all due to the patients. She now has several jobs, so she’s not here everyday, but she considers this to be her “therapeutic job.” When she’s not working, she enjoys running, working in her yard, and scrap-booking. Melissa has been running 5ks but is attempting her first 10k this summer. Melissa has two cats, Autumn and Gus, and a dog named Doodle Bug.


Raegan has always loved animals and has felt the need to care for them since she was young. She has worked caring for animals and volunteered caring for wildlife at the Salato Wildlife Education Center. Raegan has a degree from Eastern Kentucky University in general studies in arts and sciences. While working at Southland, Raegan has come to really enjoy using her technical skills and likes dental cleanings and laser therapy. When she’s at home, she likes snuggling with her pets, including her dogs Comet, Hercules and Juliet Chrissie, and her tabby cat Tiger Lily. Raegan also enjoys time with her husband, and spending time outdoors.


Tiffany loves animals and she enjoys knowing every patient that comes through our door is getting the very best treatment and care. She loves helping our patients to have a long, healthy, and happy life.


Christine came to Southland with office background and secretarial training from experience with her family’s flower shop. Because of her love for animals, she loves being able to comfort clients to make their visit as stress free as possible. She also enjoys making people laugh whenever possible. Her favorite book is Lord of the Rings trilogy. In her free time she loves knitting, choosing yarn, and finding new knitting patterns. She also likes reading, and cooking. She is married and has four daughters. At home, Christine has a poodle named Benjamin James, her chihuahuas, Minnie and Pearl, two cats, a pet rat, an umbrella cockatoo named George and a Green Cheek Conure named Lulu. Christine and Lulu don’t always see eye to eye but she still loves them.


Missi has always had a love for animals. She graduated from Sullivan University with a degree in Executive Secretary. She loves working at Southland and really loves our clinic cat, Rowdy. Missi loves funny movies and local history. At home she loves decorating her house, enjoying time with her husband, gardening, photography, and snuggling with her three cats.


Rowdy is our resident kitty couch potato. Thirteen years ago, he was just a small, cute, fluffy, kitten and that is how he qualified for his position. He does have a work phobia/allergy so he spends most of his time sleeping, and when he is not sleeping, he is eating or vice versa. Rowdy tolerates the rest of the staff at SVH to varying degrees, but really enjoys when he is given treats.

Dixie Belle

Dixie Belle has a favorite position called pancaking. If you want a demonstration, she can show you how it is done. Her parents are two very English Labrador Retrievers from Ohio and she has six siblings, of which she was the cutest! Dixie Belle has many responsibilities at SVH, but her main job is keeping the floors free of any stray food morsels. Although she has no specific training, she has a lot of natural talent and is very good at her job. When she’s not hard at work, she loves playing with other puppies, getting her beauty sleep, and being adorable.