The reception at Southland Veterinary Clinic in Lexington, Kentucky

Our Staff

By far our most important resource is our team. Together, we work daily to provide excellent care for your pets.

Our doctors, Malinda Ferrell, Candace Thompson, and Millie Hardigree are Auburn University graduates. Together our goal is to provide the best in both well and sick patient care. We offer services from surgery and medicine to behavior and counseling and wellness care.

Our office manager, Jennifer, has been with us since 1997. A licensed veterinary technician, she is invaluable both in the areas of patient care and in the day to day management of our hospital.

Our senior receptionist, Missi, joined our team just a few months after we began in 1996. She provides the always cheerful face of our clinic.

In 2008, Raegan began working with us and is currently earning her Veterinary technician degree. Her attention to detail makes her a valuable asset to our hospital.

Christine just celebrated her 10th anniversary with us. Her gift of storytelling always brightens our day.

Melissa returned after a brief absence several years ago first starting with us in early 2000. Tiffany has also recently returned after a few years.

Stephanie, Carly, Amelia, and Amy have all been with us well over a year. Stephanie has a background in rehabilitation medicine, Carly has a real heart for our feline patients, and Amelia keeps our Facebook page up to date. Amy is our full-time receptionist who we hope to have back soon.

One of our newer team members, Jessica, is responsible for the lovely flowers we have enjoyed in the window boxes and the landscaping this summer.

Last, but certainly not least, our newest employees, Amanda, Katie, Katie, and Kaylee, round out the list.

Amanda has a great background in patient care as does Katie. You will probably meet them while your pet is being triaged. One of our Katies is Christine’s daughter and is a valuable asset to our front desk. Between classes, Kaylee helps with patient exams and keeps our pharmacy requests filled.

The roster of employees is as varied as it is long, each person bringing with them a different personality and skillsets that when combined make this our best staff ever.

As the hospital has grown so have our human resources, but it is very rewarding to be working with friends who have become like family.