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Therapeutic Drugs prescribed and dispensed from Southland

There are many advantages from obtaining the medications prescribed by our veterinarians at Southland.

One of the most important aspects of obtaining medications for either yourself, your children, or your pets, is that the medicine and label say exactly what the doctor prescribed. You want to know that each medicine prescribed is the correct medicine, at the correct dosage, and you have been instructed about the how to administer and safely give the medication. Here at Southland, we want you to feel confident that you understand the medications and know what potential side effects to watch for. When getting your medications from us, you will know that what you are giving your pet is exactly what the doctor prescribed.

Unfortunately, we hear of many stories about people price shopping online for medications or even heartworm preventatives. When medications are obtained from these places, there is no longer a guarantee that they will work. There are many reasons these drugs can not be guaranteed such as the possibility of tampering with the medications, medications not stored properly so they lose their efficacy, or personal error. Getting heartworm prevention from your veterinarian is the only way the drug companies will honor the guarantee of efficacy. Purchasing medications from online may save you a few dollars, but may put your pet’s life at risk.

At Southland, we also have the added benefit of being able to check on your pet, or get an update when you come by to pick up any refills. Depending on how your pet is doing on the medication, it may need to be adjusted and that is not something your pharmacist at any other pharmacy would be able offer.

Monitoring how your pet is doing with long term medications is also very important to us. Not only is it important to see your pet for a physical exam, but we also complete bloodwork to ensure your pet is healthy and that the drug is in a therapeutic range of efficacy. Monitoring the therapeutic range assists the veterinarian in dose adjustment so the drug is at an optimal concentration.