A pig and its owner

Preventative Care

At Southland, we are committed to treating your pet as if they were our own. That is why we believe preventive care is so important. At the same time, we treat each pet as an individual, tailoring their care to their specific needs.

Preventative care includes yearly physical exams, although some pets, particularly older ones, warrant visits more often. With annual exams, we can assess the risk your pet has for certain diseases or conditions. The exam, coupled with any necessary diagnostic tests allow us to catch diseases early, when they are most easily treated. These visits also allow us to explain problems we may see with your pet, and partner with you to reduce the likelihood of the disease worsening. Our annual exams are focused on your education as a pet owner so that you understand what health risks your pet may face. We want to keep your pet as healthy as possible for as long as possible. Our preventative medicine is focused on vaccinations, parasite control, optimum nutrition, exercise, oral care, behavior issues, spay/neuter or breeding recommendations, and care for lifestyle specific diseases, injuries or conditions.

Vaccines are important to keeping your pet disease free. Unfortunately, dogs and cats still die daily from preventable diseases such as Parvovirus, and Feline Leukemia. Vaccination for Rabies and Leptosporosis not only protects your pet, but also you, from these deadly diseases. Vaccines are not all created equal. When choosing which vaccines to use at Southland, we choose only the best, research proven medications. We only use the vaccines that are the safest, and have the lowest risks of side effects. The products we use and recommend for your pets are what we would choose to use for our own pets. We also assess your pet’s lifestyle and vaccine history when choosing which vaccines to recommend. unlike other clinics where “one size fits all” we alternate vaccines from year to year based on your pet’s specific needs.

Thank you for choosing us to care for your pet. That is a responsibility we take very seriously. We want to be “Your Pet’s Vet for Life”.