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When Surgery is Needed Choose Southland for Quality Care

At Southland, we are committed to treating your pet as if they were our own. Whether your pet needs surgery, dental procedures, or any other procedure that requires anesthesia, we are devoted to doing the best for your pet. That is why we believe in using the best, fast acting anesthetics, extensive monitoring equipment, licensed technicians, and effective pain control. At the same time, we treat each pet as an individual, tailoring the pet’s care to his or her specific needs.

We perform many different surgical procedures at Southland, including routine spays and neuters, dental cleaning, polishing and extracting, and also more extensive soft tissue surgical procedures when warranted. No matter the procedure, we will take the very best care of your pet. After they arrive at our clinic, we will perform a thorough physical exam to assess their condition and determine if they are a good surgical candidate. If they pass the physical exam we recommend performing blood work to screen for any underlying disease processes and to ensure that all internal organs are functioning properly. Then, all of our patients have an intravenous catheter placed to administer the anesthetic drug and also to provide optional intravenous fluids during the procedure. This catheter also allows us to give medications in case of an emergency. Intravenous fluids are given to help keep your pet hydrated and help their body process the anesthetic. Once they are anesthetized, an endo-tracheal tube is placed so we can administer anesthetic gas and oxygen. Unlike other hospitals, all our patients who receive anesthesia have an endotracheal tube placed.. Your pet is then monitored closely by a licensed technician, who monitors their heart rate, rhythm, blood pressure, oxygen, respiratory rate. The technician continually monitors them throughout the procedure, discussing their status with the veterinarian, keeping them at the lowest anesthetic dose, and adjusting the anesthetics as needed until they are awake and extubated. Your pet is also given pain medications at the appropriate time, so they will feel little to no pain associated with the surgical procedure.

We provide your pet with the best quality care and medicine while they are with us. For routine procedures, your pet will be ready to go that afternoon after 4pm. We are open every weekday until 7pm for your convenience. In the time your pet with spend with us in the hospital, we will be there to comfort your pet and make them feel like they are at home.